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Esther Weng

Breanna is super proactive and responsive in helping her clients.

She is a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly agent. She did a lot preparation for us while we went through the house hunting chaos. She does great analysis for the houses in the community. If you need a resourceful and proactive agent, she will be the one!

Sean Wang

Breanna is very personable with an attention to detail.

She is also very capable and responsible and is the type of agent that works very quickly and honestly. She is very willing to work with and meet the needs of her customers. She helped my family and I with all of the information we needed to get the financing loan option that was right for us. Highly recommended!


Breanna is professional, responsive and patience.

She is working on your side. and always gives the advices based on our best interest.

Amy Wong


Chin Li Chen

Breanna is one of the best agents we have worked with.

Not only she is very responsive, but also she is always considerate. She helped us from pre-purchase process to post-close settlement. She made our moving from out of state much easier. Thanks!

Dongyao Ni

Breanna is an exceptional diligent, well-rounded realtor.

She stands on my side to communicate with the listing agent, loan agent, escrow company, etc. She always pays attention to details. She runs extra miles to provide excellent service way beyond my expectation! It would be a mission impossible to buy a property remotely without Breanna's expertise and passion. I am so grateful to have her as our agent. Thank you, Breanna! 1

Hong Cao

Breanna is very talented professional !

! She is very good at her expertises. She enjoys her work a lot and pours all needful efforts- attention. She would pay attention to very specific expectations and come back with very good research and helpful information. She honors client's time and is very responsive !!

viren patel

Breanna is hard-working, responsive, and dedicated.

Breanna helped me buy a townhome, and I was impressed by how attentive Breanna was to all my questions (and as a first-time buyer, I had a lot!). No matter if the questions were big or small, she always got back to me very quickly, and always made me feel comfortable talking with her. Breanna was also great about following up with different agents/sellers/etc. She was on top of everything and transparent about the entire process. Even now that we have closed on the home, Breanna continues to help me with my new homeowner questions; I'm very impressed by her warmth and generosity towards her clients. Another plus - Breanna speaks both Mandarin and English, which was important since my family was involved in the buying process, and Breanna was able to include everyone in all discussions.

Vivian Chou

在過去的這段時間裡,Breanna非常專業的為第一次買房的我介紹每一項listing,也follow up我的每一個問題。從下offer到closing,Breanna不斷地在一旁協助與賣方經紀人、貸款公司和託管溝通。一路上真的很感謝Breanna的幫忙!

William Kuo

Breanna has been a big help to me with exploring my options regarding the sale of my house, especially during a moment of uncertainty, early on during the covid-19 health crisis.

She gives sound counsel and also gives of her time very generously and enthusiastically. Recommending Breanna is a no-brainer. Thank you so much for your services Breanna!

Lindsay MacDonald

It's my pleasure to know Breanna Yali Chen as my Real Estate broker.

Breanna is such a diligent and efficient lady who impressed me a lot! The business information she provided is so quick and responsive. The most important is Breanna take me as friend instead of client which gave my family a lot of help during pandemic. I appreciated all the support and kindness from Breanna and she would be my best friend! 1

JIA lu

Breanna is fantastic to work with.

She is very proactive, attentive, and professional. She is also very knowledgable about the business and is able to answer my questions quickly and provide additional information I need. I will definitely recommend her to my families and friends.

Carol Hsieh

Breanna is a fantastic agent to work with.

She is responsible and professional with passion in searching a home and meeting her customer’s need. She always reply quickly and is able to pay attention on details for customer’s benefit. I had a very pleasure purchase journey with her!

Yan Lei

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